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Northeast Indiana Skills Camp
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
- Please wear workout appropriate clothing that identifies you with your high school. Dress appropriately for the weather. Jewelry, dew rags, bandanas, hats, bracelets, references to drug and alcohol are not acceptable.

What shoes do I wear on the turf?
- Football cleats are appropriate for the Pro Green Turf and the grass practice field. Please bring tennis shoes every session so that you are prepared for the gymnasium in case of severe weather.

Will there be an athletic trainer on site?
- An Athletic Trainer will be present every week and Homestead High School is less than 10 minutes from a hospital.

Will I be refunded money if I miss a session?
- No, all fees are final and will not be refunded.

How will 7 on 7 operate?
- All campers will take part in weekly 7 on 7. This will not be a 7 on 7 session with scores being kept, this is an opportunity for you to build on the individual techniques that you learned in a team setting.

What will be the coach/player ratio?
- A key aspect of any effective practice session is the coach to player ratio. Through the involvement of many area coaches, the coach/player ratio will be low enough to guarantee you a quality experience.

Can parents observe camp?
- Parents are free to stay and watch camp, but are not allowed on the practice field.

Who are the coaches at the camp?
- Chad Zolman (Homestead), Russ Isaacs (Snider), Kurt Tippman (Snider), Brett Fox (Columbia City), Jason Doerffler (Northrop) Luke Amstutz (East Noble) and others are some of the head position coaches.

When is the latest that I can register?
- It is possible to register on the first day of camp, but we suggest that you register ASAP due to a limited camp size. The camp combine has a max enrollment, you need to register for it ASAP.

What does my camp fee get me?
- A camp tee shirt, exposure to every college in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois, and football skills development.